About Us

Hi, We are Baitak

We’re your new lap, and an award-winning creative team focused on making meaningful connections between brands and people.

Fantastic editorial, marketing, and design talent from all over the world are ready to help.


What we Offer

Graphic Design

Baitak provides several services to make sure you compete to win and shine among competitors, drive traffic on your sites and apps, to attract clients and people. And mostly to feel satisfied with what you're coming for

Digital Marketing

What else? We embrace the expertise of a specialized team of all kinds of services like digital marketing, graphics, and the development of websites. We do not only deliver the business, but we build unique partners over the years

Web & App Development

Enjoy our post-sales services using follow-up and ongoing technical support. So, once you knock on our doors again, we will always be here to help


Meet Our Team.

Redwan Irheem

Web Development

Moamen Ayaed

Web Development

Mohammed Ghazali

Web Development

Mohammed Irheem

Web Development

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